February 03, 2006

Voting Irregularities

You can't make up better stuff than this. So, yesterday the GOP members of Congress convene to vote on a replacement for the Speaker of the House, since Tom DeLay stepped down due to his indictment on conspiracy and money laundering charges (how noble of him). Nothing out of the norm there...well, aside from the House speaker facing felony charges. Instead, let's say nothing all that surprising.

Anyway, all the GOP congressional members cast their votes and turn them in to be counted. Well, guess what happens...more ballots are cast than the total number of GOP's in Congress. Another shining example of ethical politics in Washington.

On a lighter note, how would you like to find these in your freezer?

Unfortunately, I don't think there's anything quite so entertaining to be found in our freezer. Unless you count two dead birds, 30 Otter-Pops, and an unidentifiable object that may or may not be a pizza pocket.

Last night I spent a couple good hours playing Metroid on a nifty little Nintendo console I got for Christmas. I had forgotten how addicting this game is...and how hard it is if you don't have any maps or cheat codes. Not that I ever used either of those before. Cuz, that would've been cheatin'. I also rediscovered how completely insane the save codes are. Last night I had to scramble around for a pen and paper to write this down:

00cy2x 000,00

01wmZ? vr23K8

I'd also forgotten how much I don't like the jumpy up and down areas. And those little slug things suck donkey butts.

Much fun can be had by turning the volume way up while playing and annoying the crap out of anyone else in the same room with you. The Metroid theme music is incredibly catchy...and repetitive.

So, last I remember I was hanging out with these little fuzzy guys and a couple of spitting sea horsies. Then my thumbs started bleeding and it wasn't much fun anymore.

Games today just aren't the same. Neither are GAME ROOMS, apparently.


kippur said...

That's about the best worst game room page I've ever read. I'll have to steal that and plop it on my blog for MY friends to read.

I like the Metroid pics. Did you rip those from google or take em yerself?

P. Ollig said...

Or you could plop a link from your blog to mine. Duh.

I took those Metroid pics myself. Notice how I'm about five seconds from death in that last one? One of the fuzzy guys snuck up on me just after I took the pic.