February 18, 2006

This Serf's For You

Contrary to how it may have appeared, I do, in fact, know those three lovely drunks in the last entry. They are park ranger classmates of mine from the NPS training I attended in Harpers Ferry. From left to right they are Angela, Nancy and Matt. More importantly, on the shelf above Nancy's head way in the background you can make out part of one of the knight models I was talking about earlier. Note that I am not talking about the small plush unicorn...although those definitely have a certain appeal, as well.

This was the view from my seat. Note the knight's head sippy cup displayed prominently in the upper left quadrant of the image. The bowl and plate were both pewter...I think. They were heavy and made of metal, and I would hope they wouldn't make everyone drink their soup out of a lead bowl. Anyway, add the plastic "mead stein" to the right and the colorful paper placemat and the transformation from cheesy mall theme-restaurant to medieval tournament feast is complete. Add to the mix a couple hundred geeks wearing paper crowns and you've got yourself the makings of ... well, I'll let you decide what you've got.

Because blogger.com is being a pain in the ass tonight, this is the only other picture I could post in this entry. Again, the knight's head sippy cup is displayed prominently as I demonstrate the proper medieval dinner etiquette.

Because I'm not in the mood to fight with the computer tonight I'll say again that this entry will be concluded in another entry. I was even going to put up some pictures from my birding adventures in south Texas this morning AND my foray into Mexico this afternoon, but those will have to wait, as well. If nothing appears here by Monday morning it means that I don't have any internet access in San Antonio. If that happens, don't expect another update until Thursday at the earliest. But think of all the cool stuff you'll be able to look forward to reading!