February 10, 2006

So I slept really bad last night. I had weird dreams about camping in an RV at the base of an erupting ash volcano.

But I got outside this morning and walked up the hill to the Mather Training Center with tons of birds flitting everywhere.

  • A flock of Cardinals fighting over a birdfeeder until a Blue Jay flew up and scared them all away,

  • Several White-Throated Sparrows foraging in the underbrush,

  • A House Wren hopping from low branch to low branch,

  • A Mourning Dove calling forlornly from a pine bow,

  • A Downy Woodpecker and some sort of sapsucker competing for grubs on an oak tree,

  • And a Tufted Titmouse calling out for "Peter! Peter! Peter! Peter!"

It was a really nice walk.

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