February 07, 2009

Moving Day

I hate moving.

There's just nothing pleasant about the experience. Well, I take that back. Maybe the anticipation of a new start and a new home and all that crap can be seen as a positive. I suppose it's not that bad.

Hell, we even broke out the champagne for our first dinner in our new house (we only bought it for the cool bottle, cuz champagne tastes like ass). But I still hate moving.

And we've certainly done enough of it in the past ten years. Fairbanks (AK) to Wilson (WY); Wilson to Kelly (WY); Kelly to Troy (ID); Troy to Seward (AK); Seward to Rimrock (AZ); Rimrock to West Glacier (MT); and today from our "temporary" house here in West Glacier to our permanent (or near enough) house less than a half mile away at the other end of the park's housing area. Hopefully, though, this will be the last one for a long while. We're living in a cute little cottage in one of the world's most beautiful national parks and paying a pittance for rent. Not too much to complain about there.

To be honest, this had to be the easiest move we've ever done, too. Eighty percent of our stuff was still sitting in the garage all packed in boxes from when the movers had dumped it there in September. All we really had to do was load them into a vehicle (thanks for the help, David and Bill!) and shuttle them a little ways down the street.

*sarcasm* Now the FUN part begins! *sarcasm*

I hate unpacking.