February 05, 2006

Hairy Plaid

Inspired by my little brother, I decided to conduct an exhaustive search for my own toy counterpart...the perfect representation of who I would be had I been born stuffed with cotton.

Well, I believe my search is over:

Meet Hairy Plaid Guy. He's got charisma. He's got spunk. He's got legs coming out of his mouth. And, most importantly, he's got an irresistable charm that just makes you want him to be your BFF (Best Friend Forever). He's perfect. Now all I have to do is win the damn auction.

There were a few others that came in a close second, including this guy. But I felt that he was missing the S.N.A.G. component in me (Sensitive New-Age Guy). He's definitely got the whole funky yeti thing going, but I believe there is more to me than that. So Hairy Plaid Guy bumped smiley here out of the top spot.

I've also recently learned that I have been immortalized in a video game. The creators of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 felt that the only way they could get people to care about their protagonist, Gordon Freeman, would be to make him the most ruggedly handsome video game character ever. In short, he had to be the perfect man.

They succeeded. I only wish they had asked my permission, first. Oh well. I can't have my cake and eat it, too, I guess.

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too tall gill said...

Ok so now I am officially on the hunt for a toy that looks like me... I do have one I've had since I was a kid that looks exactly like me and it is named Jenny, but that's just way too easy. I must find a toy that looks like my inner me!
Oh yeah, now I got a blog too.