February 25, 2006

The Cold Bug, Texas Style

Ugh. That about says it all. I get back from Texas and end up flat on my back for three straight days. As I am currently experiencing a rare state of semi-lucidity, I figured I'd pop over to work and make a little post. Bummer that I haven't been able to enjoy the beautiful weather here the last couple of days. We even got about an inch of snow today, and although the roads remain trecherously icy, the gleam of the sun off of the fresh snow on Mount Alice across the bay makes it all worthwhile.

I was also bummed that this bug has lasted as long as it has, since the Anchorage Audubon group made a special trip down here to Seward to check out five Crested Auklets that have been hanging out in the harbor. Normally, you need to take a trip out into the Aleutians or the Pribilof Islands to see these guys. Hopefully they'll stick around long enough for me to see them. I've only got 9 birds to go before I break the "Alaska 200" mark. That's bird-nerd talk for identifying at least 200 different species of birds within the state of Alaska. I'm not all that into listing...well, sort of. I just don't take it to extremes and reduce every bird I see to little more than a checkmark. I still do everything I can to enjoy and really observe any bird I see. That said, my recent trip to south Texas has bumped my life list total over the 400 mark in North America.

Not much else to say. But this is kinda funny.


Affixed to a Bird said...

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