February 16, 2006

Knight Head Sippy Cups

Finally, my life is complete. Last night I experienced one of life's great pleasures. It was an evening filled with lances, half of a chicken, and drinking beer from a straw sticking out of a knight's head. That's right, it was an evening at Medieval Times!

Now, you might think that the priviledge of eating dinner in a beautiful castle like this would be more than enough to justify the $50 price tag. But the experience was so much more than that. For instance, this wasn't just any medieval castle located ten minutes from Baltimore International Airport. THIS castle had its own shopping mall and multiplex movie house. You actually had to enter through the main mall entrance to get into the castle, too. Much more strategically effective than a moat, if you ask me.

Of course, what castle would be complete without a display of crappy plastic princess hats and pewter dragon cups? I must admit that I was tempted to blow a huge wad of cash in this place. Not on something as useless as a princess hat, though. Nope, I spent my time drooling over the displays of two-foot medieval knight models, Roman gladius swords, and heraldic shields that can be hung on a wall. If I wasn't so financially responsible, or a respectful husband that always checks with his loving wife before making a purchase of more than $50, I could have wisely invested over $1,000 in assorted knightly paraphenalia.

Instead I bought a knight's head sippy cup. Seriously, this thing is really cool. Probably the coolest "mug" I own. It's authentic goldesque-enamelled ceramicite. AND, you get to sip your drink out of the back of a knight's skull. This becomes even more cool if you fill it with a blood-colored drink.

The festivities began with the obligatory drinking. Notice that I wasn't the only one who discovered the value of owning your own knights-head sippy cup.

So there you have part one of this epic story. Unfortunately, I am on my way out the door to catch a plane to Texas, so I'll try to finish it later. But stay tuned for our next exciting episode: "The Blue Knight's a Pansy" or, "This Serf's For You"

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where can i get this mug!