March 17, 2006

Senate Approves Arctic Refuge Drilling in Budget Resolution

"The Alaska senators are obsessed. They're obsessed with drilling in the refuge. It's kind of sad. There are so many other energy issues to work on. But we'll fight them again, and we'll win again."
-- Cindy Shogan, Executive Director of the Alaska Wilderness League.

Can we please elect senators who aren't married to the oil industry for once? They just never give up, do they? Well, neither do we. And it's time, once again, to rally our forces (that image is the cover of Debbie Miller's book "Circle of Testimony"). The Senate yesterday voted to approve a budget resolution that includes language that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. All of you undoubtedly know where I stand on this issue, but I'm asking you once again to please help.

The budget resolution passed by the Senate now goes to the House of Representatives. This is where the Arctic Refuge drilling language has usually been stripped from the budget bill. But it's not certain to happen this time around!

PLEASE, call your representatives and let them know that you do not support this backdoor attempt to destroy America's last great wilderness! Go to THIS SITE, enter in your zip code and find who your representative is. Then CALL THEM, WRITE THEM, EMAIL THEM! Tell them if they want your vote, they will do everything they can to strip Arctic Refuge drilling language from the budget bill.

We're closer than we've been in a long time to losing this battle. So unless you want to see the image above transformed into this:

Please call your representatives today!

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kippur said...

My Kansas 3rd District Congressman has been emailed! Dennis Moores his name, he's one of a very few Dem's in Kansas! AND he plays the guitar so he's gotta be cool. Funny story, he sat a booth away from us at our favorite bar in Lenexa once and I just so happend to be wearin my Bush Sucks T. He got a good laugh at it as he walked by, but im sure its not something he wants his pic taken standing next to.