March 03, 2006


The last few days have, despite the wind, been spectacular here in Seward. On my way home on Wednesday I captured this reflection of the mountains across the bay in our livingroom window. It's really difficult to become complacent about the beauty of this place. Even though we're not all that psyched about the town, this is arguably one of the most stunning places on the least that I have encountered. I suppose if we had our own place it might be different. But we've been in Seward for almost a year now and it still doesn't feel like home.

Today is different, though. We're back into the grey, but the wind has died down, so the birds have begun to congregate on the water, again. I poked around the shore for a few minutes this morning to see who was out and about. Lots of Commom Mergansers , Barrow's Goldeneyes, and Pelagic Cormorants.

I also managed to give Sonja my texas cold, for which I am sure she is very grateful.


Dani said...

Hey there, Paul! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-) Thought I'd return the favor. You have some great pics. Mind if I add your link to my page?

Take care..

P. Ollig said...

I don't mind at all. In fact, I'll return the favor. :)