March 22, 2006

Journalistic Integrity and the Florida Skunk Ape: Fact or Fiction?

Today, during a press conference in the White House, George W. Bush called on Helen Thomas, often referred to as the "First Lady of the American Press" and who has worked as a White House correspondant for 57 years covering every President since JFK, for the first time in three years!

Here's a transcript of the conversation that took place between Helen and Georgie.

Unfortunately, Bush refrained from actually answering the question or responding to the points made by Helen. You know, it's about bloody time a journalist had the balls to actually ASK Bush a question that needs to be asked. Although, to be fair to Helen, this is the first time Bush has called on her since the start of the Iraq war. Maybe someday during one of Bush's one-on-one interviews on Fox "News" the interviewer will suddenly remember that they are also a journalist, not just a pundit, and will continue to press Bush like Helen tried to do and get him to actually answer the damn question.

In other news, I recently began taking a SCUBA certification course through the Alaska Sealife Center. Haven't actually gotten wet, yet, but I'm assuming that eventually the course will involve moisture of some sort. The best part is that because Sonja works at the Sealife Center, I get to take the course for free. Sonja's already taken the classroom section, but will be joining my group to do the confined and open water dives. She's not as excited about seeing an octopus as I am, though. I like octopus.

I'm also beginning to apply for jobs in other parks. We've officially decided to leave Seward this fall, but will wait to see what kind of jobs I'm offered before we decide where we'll be ending up.

We have decided, though, to restrict our search to places that have their own monsters. Unfortunately, that limits us to:

A lake in British Columbia (Ogopogo)

A swamp in Florida (Skunk-Ape)

A bridge in West Virginia (Mothman)

I don't know...we may have to reconsider our listing criteria.


kippur said...

He answered the question "why did we go to war with Afganistan..." but the only answer I saw for Iraq was that "I saw a threat there too" ?!!?

So I guess if he feels threatened the answer is to shoot em up... Oh wait that's Cheney.

Oh, I'd go with The Mothman.

P. Ollig said...

Funny, I just noticed this little comment here. Heh...

I kind of like the mothman, but there's just something about the skunk ape that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Chris said...

Well I can officially tell you that I have been to the real "Skunk Ape Museum" down off of US 41 near Ochopee. Let's put it this way: I told the wife and kid to stay in the car with the windows up and it locked. I guess that makes the Everglades open to you! All you have to do is kill your fill of anacondas in the visitor center parking lot and you are part of the team... and the sad part is that isn't even a joke.

Anyway, you could do something hot- perhaps White Sands?