March 11, 2006

Hypocracy of a Theocracy

Is he serious??? Suddenly Bush is worried about how the world might react to our nation's foreign policy decisions? Apparently his concern about world opinion doesn't apply to little things like illegal unilateral invasions of soveriegn nations based upon faulty and/or made-up intelligence. I guess he doesn't worry what the people of the world think of us when he decides to make the U.S. the ONLY nation on the planet not to radify the Kyoto Agreement. But when one of his oil-soaked buddies isn't allowed to profit from a juicy port out! Cuz now Bush suddenly cares about the worldwide ramifications of U.S. policy!


And people actually VOTED for this guy?? TWICE?!?!?


Ok, let's think about something else...

Isn't it purty? That was the view from the beach this morning. It's nice to see the sun actually rising in the East, again. This is also the two-thousand-four-hundred and eightieth picture we've taken with our digital camera. That equates to approximately $843 worth of film purchasing and developing. I love the digital age.

I also discovered some new toys. You'll probably notice the little world map over on the right. That should eventually start displaying little red dots in the places where all the millions of visitors to my blog live. It will probably be pretty boring for a while, though, since it will undoubtedly only contain about four dots. But I thought it was cool. I also added a "Read a Book" section to the links, complete with nifty little thumbnail images of the books in question. Those should change periodically...whenever I find a book cool enough to recommend. Look around some more and you should find a few other little additions to the menu thingy. I'll refrain from pointing them out so you all can experience the satisfaction of finding them for yourselves.

And looky at this cool map thing:

create your own visited states map
check out these Google Hacks.

That's all the states I've been to. Pretty impressive, huh? Although, I wish they hadn't used red.
It gives me flashbacks to the last election, something I wish I could forget. Although, to be fair, at least it gave people a chance to vent their frustrations with fun little parodies and satirical graphics. Like this one...which happens to be one of my favorites. It also works nicely to carry the theme of this blog entry further through the entire article. I did that on purpose, cuz I'm smart like that.

This next map isn't nearly as impressive as all of the states I've been to.

create your own visited countries map
vertaling Duits Nederlands

I mean, look at all of that grey. I guess Sonja and I have a little work to do, eh? I'm thinking that in the next year or so you'll be seeing some red right around the region of east Africa. Either that or somewhere in south Asia. To be honest, though, this map is a little misleading. I have yet to actually visit Baffin Island or the Yucatan Penninsula. Oh well.

I do like that I can now add Mexico to my list, however. I only made it about two blocks into the country, but it still counts. Particularly since I had to pay 25 cents to get in. Funny thing is, they charge five cents more to LEAVE Mexico than they do to enter. I find that ironically appropriate.

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