March 26, 2006

Footprints and Climate Change

So I have been informed that it might have been difficult for non-bloggers to post comments on my blog lately. Well, I've fixed that, so now everyone can post a comment. Not sure this was the best idea, but we'll try it for a few hours at least. I also have been trying to fix the error with the neocounter thingy (all the cool little flags). Haven't figured that one out, yet. So it's just gonna have to stay broken for now.

Sonja and I took Harvey and Luna hiking across the bay yesterday. The snow is getting very crusty, but is still quite deep in places. The dogs had a great time swimming and plowing through the snow. I happened to take a picture of their footprints and think that it actually turned out pretty cool. I like how Luna's smaller print is headed off in some random direction. It's very typical of the way these two hike with us. Harvey tends to follow the trail, or if we're not on a trail, he will continue to plod along in the general direction we happen to be moving in. Luna, on the other hand, dashes back and forth across the trail sniffing out all sorts of disgusting treasures to eat/roll in. She also tends to annoy Harvey by occassionally tackling him or trying to incite him to chase her by biting his ankles. Their personalities are so different, but very complimentary.

The tide was extremely low, too, which gave us access to areas of the beach that are usually well under water. We actually came across some pretty neat tidepools...something that seems to be rather rare here in Seward. It's probably due to the steep, gravelly beaches, which preclude any significant pooling of water as the tide recedes. Anyway, we found several that even had a couple sea anemones in them. Including this funky green one.

I couldn't quite get the camera to focus on many of them. It kept trying to zoom in on its own reflection in the water rather than on what was two centimeters below the surface. But I did get this blurry picture of another cool anemone:
I think we're going to try snowshoeing up the canyon opposite the beach we were at yesterday. We met a couple that had just hiked out of there who said it was really cool. So I guess that means I should get off the computer and go get our stuff together.

Holy crap, it looks like mainstream media is finally starting to take global climate change seriously. Check THIS out! Looks like I'll have to pick up this week's issue of Time magazine. Not that any of it will be new to me. Most intelligent people, and me, have known all of this stuff for years. What will be very, very interesting to see, however, is the Bush administration's reaction to this huge article.

It will be funny to see them try to ignore this.

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