November 25, 2006

A Walk in the Clouds

It was a really nice day out today. So nice that there was no way we were going to waste the opportunity to take the dogs on a nice walk in the forest. It was especially nice to have a break from the gale-force winds that have been blowing through town for the past couple of weeks. It was rather cold, however. We didn't last that long before we decided we'd rather be inside drinking hot chocolate than out in the woods freezing our butts off.

We also had a little competition to see who could look the most wintery. Sonja's took an early lead with the frosty hair and the ice crystals covering her hood.

But it's hard to compete against a frozen beard.


Erin Blackwood said...

Hello Paul Ollig! Erin Blackwood here, remember me from NWF?
I saw your picture in Legacy magazine, and I thought, I know that guy! Congratulations. I really like your blog. I've never been a reader of blogs, but I enjoyed yours. Where are you or were you working in Seward? I am back in CA, been working in the San Francisco area since leaving NWF. Right now I work at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, a children's museum. So, you have a cat, dogs and a significant other? That's cool. I unfortunately have none of those things at the moment, but I have a pretty good life nonetheless. Tell me about your journey over the last nine years! Email me at

P. Ollig said... about a blast from the past! Hey Erin! Check your email.