November 05, 2006

Dogs on Ice

With the beautiful sunshine Seward has been experiencing lately, Sonja and I decided to take the dogs back to the beach.

We were hoping that the week-long stretch of below-freezing temps have rendered any smelly and disgusting blobs of grossness less appealing to Luna. Due to some rather unpleasant experiences lately of Luna rolling around in whatever yucky goop (which has included rotting fish guts, dead moose bits, and my personal favorite, human poo) she can find, we've been avoiding walking them in any area that may possibly contain anything even remotely questionable. This has meant no walks along the beach or any creek/stream/river. Which is too bad, really, considering how much fun they both have playing in the water.

However, we figured it was time to chance it again, so we drove down to 4th of July Creek to give them a good swim in the hot-tub-like water:

We also took a little stroll down by the beach, which ended up being quite pleasant with the sun shining on the bay all pretty like.

Living in Seward, where the winters don't really start until sometime in January, it's easy to forget how low the sun gets in the sky. This picture was taken around 1 in the afternoon today. So imagine how low it will be come December 21. If I remembe right from last winter, it just barely peaks up above the mountains to the south before dipping back below the horizon.

No big news on the job hunt, yet. Although I did get an email from the folks at Cape Cod National Seashore indicating that I am on the "short list" of top candidates for the position. They sent an email to those of us they are most interested in to inform us of the horrendous housing conditions on the Cape. They want everyone to seriously consider how much we're willing to spend on rent/mortgage (yeah, as if we could afford to buy a house on Cape Cod) then let them know if we're still interested. So, the good news is that I anticipate this short list getting even shorter. We'll see, though.

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