October 31, 2006

Halloween Spook-o-Rama #5: Fear

Fear is a peculiar emotion. It has the ability to frighten, paralyze, even empower us. In extreme cases, fear can prevent us from accomplishing nearly anything.

People fear lots of different things. Some fears are irrational, such as a fear of mice. Others, such as a fear of snakes, perhaps originate from our vestigial animal instincts which helped us survive the millions of years we spent in nomadic hunter/gatherer societies. Still others are simply products of our own over-active imaginations. I’m sure I’m not the only one who, after the lights went out, would leap from the doorway onto my bed to avoid being grabbed by the ferocious monster I knew was hiding under my bed. Although, to be honest, it’s been at least three weeks since I’ve done that. Some people are even scared of an innocent game.

But fear can also be entertaining and amusing. We enjoy scaring the crap out of each other nearly as much as we enjoy getting the crap scared out of us. Just look at the number of horror movies pumped out by Hollywood every year. Or add up the money spent on rollercoaster rides or admission tickets to haunted houses. I can remember dressing up like a scarecrow and propping myself up outside our front door on Halloween. Fortunately, my experience never included something like this.

Case in point, my niece Sarah last night requested that I put more “scary things” on my blog. Here you go, Sarah. These are some of my personal favorite “scary things.” Enjoy!

Bigfoot: Here is a collection of sounds (download them from this site) and a movie clip claiming to be evidence of the existence of this legendary missing link.

Ghosts: Because Sarah liked the Ghost Girl so much, here is another “unexplained” video of the ghost of the Queen Mary luxury cruise ship and some audio recordings of the paranormal.

UFO’s: One of my favorite topics, here is a video compilation of some of the best UFO footage captured around the planet.

And finally, to demonstrate just how much fun it can be to scare the living crap out of another human being, here is a clip from the Sci-Fi Channel show “Scare Tactics”:

If you found this particularly amusing, here are couple more clips from the series (Bigfoot, Biohazard, landmines).

And, if you enjoy learning about the unexplained, the paranormal, or the just plain weird, stay up late some night and search your local AM radio band for a broadcast of “Coast to Coast AM.” Or, just go to their website and look up your area for the times and stations that play the nightly paranormal talk-show. Be sure to give it time, though. Some shows aren’t that interesting, but occasionally you will stumble across a gem, such as the night I was driving back from Anchorage and listened to an interview with a guy who interviewed a guy who was present for the autopsy of one of the Roswell E.B.E’s in 1947. I also got to learn all about the recent leprechaun infestation occurring in upstate New York. It’s very enlightening.


sarah said...

cooooooooool I liked unexplained video

Patrick Belardo said...

Aw man, that is one of my favorite videos ever. "Are you ok little man?" hahahaha!

kippur said...

youre a jack ass...and Im no good at the maze game.

P. Ollig said...

looks like someone got a little skeered by some of my links. heh, heh...

kippur said...

Erin wont admit it but I got her to play the maze game too!