October 28, 2006

Official Mooch

Well, it's official. I am now mooching off of society. And it's about time, I think. All these years of actually working for a living, it's now my turn to reap some of the benefits. It's funny, but I never really thought I'd end up being unemployed. I guess it's just a right of passage, though, particularly for those who choose a career where many jobs are furloughed for two-six months out of the year.

I suppose this means I should get my application sent out to Kell Varnsen at Vandelay Industries, eh?


Erin said...

They're in the importing and exporting business, right?

Patrick Belardo said...

"Say 'Vandelay'! Say 'Vandelay'!" as George runs out of the bathroom... top 10 Seinfeld moment, maybe even a top 10 TV sitcom moment.

P. Ollig said...

Yup...it's right up there with the other classic Seinfeld moments like "I was in the pool!" and "No soup for you!"