October 18, 2006

Halloween Spook-o-Rama #1: Ghosts

In honor of one of my favorite holidays of the year, I have decided to post movies that I find spooky, creepy, and/or scary. None of these will contain any sort of graphic violence, but will instead focus on various paranormal phenomena sometimes captured (or made up) on film.

The first entry is a video that I find particularly creepy. Personally, I don't care if it's real or fake, the idea of being in a cemetary at 1:30 in the morning and seeing something like this is pretty darn freaky. So here she is, the Ghost Girl:

Some people who've seen this video aren't creeped out at all by it, which I don't really understand, cuz it gives me the willies. I particularly like the dramatic and sudden crescendo of spooky music when she turns to face the camera.

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