March 05, 2007

An Overdue Oscar Rundown

Ok, so being at a workshop in Denver for a week certainly cuts down on one's blogging frequency. And I was so excited to do a big ol' analysis of the Oscars. Oh well... Now that the excitement has completely worn off, all I can really do is acknowledge the winners and brag about the fact that, unlike most people, I correctly forecast the upset win of "Das Leben der Anderen" over "El Laberinto del Fauno" for best foreign film. Now I guess I should be sure to see Leben, eh?

As for the ceremony, I think Patrick had it right when he made the comment on my last Oscars post regarding its ho-hum-ness. Although, I loved Ellen's MCing. Her little camera bit with Eastwood and Spielberg was priceless! I could have done without all the weird dancing, that strange costume design skit thing, and the bizarre and completely unnecessary "Ra-ra, go America film industry!" montage. But as a whole I thought it was a pretty good show. Certainly worth the four hours and ten minutes I spent watching it.

Not much else to add right now. Although, on her way to come pick me up from work yesterday Sonja saw our resident wild felid as it ran in front of her car about 100 yards from our house. She chased it into the woods but wasn't quite as adept at navigating the thorny underbrush as the cat. Very cool sighting, though! And I suppose I need to get around to taking pictures of our house for those of you who have been bugging me to post some pictures. Although why anyone would want to look at photos of our unmade bed is beyond me.

And, just so you know...that's not our bed.

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sarah renslow said...

hey paul
can you put some more nature and birds on soon. i like them better than tv, oscars and polatics!!!!
sarah r