March 18, 2007

Die Wiener Sängerknaben

A couple nights ago Sonja and I went to see the world reknowned Vienna Boys Choir (or "Die Wiener Sängerknaben" as they are known in Vienna), who were performing for one night in Sedona. They're really famous and stuff. In fact, you might even say they're IN-famous. Seriously, though, it was a really great concert. They even sang "The Lonely Goatherd" and "Edelweis" from The Sound of Music (which is set in Austria, which is where Vienna is).

Another exciting bit from last Friday has to do with me waiting in line at Starbucks in Sedona after dropping Sonja off at work. There I was, trying to decide between getting a tall or a grande double cocoa hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, when I see this vaguely familiar woman approaching. I keep staring at her, thinking I know her from somewhere, or met her recently, when suddenly it dawns on me. It's Parker Freakin' Posey!! You may remember her from such films as Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman, and Superman Returns. Yeah, so she got in line right behind me, but was on the phone so I didn't want to interrupt her to ask for an autograph, cuz, you know, that would have been tacky. And I'm classier than that. Anyway, I did notice that she ordered a grande double shot skinny latte. At least, I'm pretty sure it was her.


Steve said...

Parker Posey - nice brush with celebrity! did i ever tell you about the time D and I were chillin on Catalina? it was our first anniversary. we were sitting on a private beach and some bozo decides to beach his monsterous speed boat right in front of us. i was a bit put off, even though we weren't supposed to be on that beach. that is until out hops Heather Locklear. Tommy Lee was there too along with various other members of Motley Crue. (that or they were just his posse)

anyway, Heather dripped on me as she walked by to get to the cabana bar. did Parker drip on you?

Anonymous said...
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kippur said...

no that wasn't me that said that. I wouldn't use such language. Actually, Parker was one of our name finalists. We didn't go with it though, in case you forgot.

P. Ollig said...

Unfortunately, no. She did not drip on me. And, Chris, you could have just combined Parker with your other choice. Averker or Parvery, for instance. Either would have been good.

Patrick Belardo said...

IN-famous... was that a 3 Amigos reference? I sure hope so. "It's a sweater!"

Also, Parker Posey rules. That's awesome that you saw her. I never see anyone famous, even with all the times I go to NYC. I saw Jackie Mason once on the street there and Tony Randall, so I guess that's something.

My favorite Troy McClure line is from the episode where he marries Selma (or is it Patty?) - "You may remember me from such dates as... last night."