March 13, 2007

But, it's a DRY heat!

The past couple of days have given us our first taste of "real" Arizona heat since arriving in the state. Today, at the castle the high was 88 degrees. Considering that the highest temps we ever saw in Seward maxed out around 79 degrees, this is pretty significant. Not that I'm complaining, yet, of course. But to tell you the truth, it hasn't been all that bad. And that means that the temps during the peak of summer only get another 20 degrees above this. I could do another 20 degrees. I think.

The heat we've been experiencing also means that my first ever encounter with one of these is approaching. My coworkers are even looking forward to my first rattlesnake experience. In fact, just this morning as I opened the visitor center I discovered a little present left behind by last night's closing staff. Yeah, I guess they figure leaving a fake snake inside the cash drawer of the register for me to find first thing in the morning is their way of prepping me for the real thing. It's not that I'm freaked out by rattlesnakes. On the contrary, I think they are way cool. . . an amazing example of evolutionary adaptation. How can you not think an animal that sees the world like the Predator from one of the best Ah-nold movies ever is neato? I'm actually looking forward to hearing the ominous rattle for the first time. Seriously, I think this is one of the only times that a human being can experience a primal instinctual reaction, at least in North America. Well, I suppose coming face-to-face with a grizzly might produce the same visceral reaction, but I've already done that. So this is all I've got left. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Anyway, that's not why I was posting this evening. Instead, I uploaded some pictures Sonja took on Sunday of her hike with the dogs on the Wet Beaver Creek Trail near our place.

This is actually the first time I've seen them. Here's a pretty flower she found. Looks sorta rose-ish or rhododendronny to me. Honestly, though, I haven't got a clue. Besides, it's not like it's anything important like a bird or something.

And a happy, post-swimming hole encountering Luna near the pretty flowery bush thing. Isn't she awesome? Best. Dog. Ever.

And, finally...

I figured it was about time I try to stop all the moaning and complaining that I haven't posted any pictures of the inside of our house, yet. So, I'll start tonight with our livingroom.

It's our couch. Well, not really our couch. More like the house's couch. Or the park's couch. Ok, so it is A couch. With a Luna attached. That's not our table or chairs, either. But the pictures on the wall are ours.

Not our TV, either. Nor is that our coffee table or entertainment center standy thingy. But the plants belong to us. As does all the crap sitting on the coffee table. I think the light bulb in the ceiling light may actually be ours, as well. But I could be mistaken. The house doesn't belong to us, either. But many of you already knew that. And I think the carpetting will probably stay with the house. But I've heard we get to keep any dust bunnies we collect. Which is pretty cool, since they make pretty good pets!


Janine said...

LOVE the "dust bunny"! Keep the "new House" photos coming! Don't try to PET that first Rattle Snake !! :o)
Oh... Sarah LOVED the pink flower Sonja found on her walk, she's gonna sketch it for you & we will send it like the other rock sketch.

Anonymous said...

Ever since you said goodbye, I have been out here on the wind...
Albequerque - Waitin out a blizzard
Arizona - Dancin across the desert
In my heart I'll see you Everwhere!