March 21, 2007

Global Warming and Flame Retardant Babies

"If the crib's on fire, you don't speculate that the baby is flame retardant. You take action."

-Al Gore, 03/21/07, testifying before a joint hearing on climate change of the House Energy and Science Committees.

You've gotta love Al. Who else could get away with comparing flame retardant babies with global warming? But it's a great analogy that really gets to the heart of the ridiculous accusations against the science that is unanimous in its conclusions.

Unfortunately, there are still a few morons in Congress (thankfully, the numbers of Congressmen like Texas Rep. Joe Barton are diminishing) who have their heads stuck so far up their asses that they refuse to acknowledge the fact that global climate change is a very real, very HUMAN-CAUSED global crisis. I mean, how can anyone with half a brain ignore the evidence?? Well, I suppose the whole "half a brain" thing does sort of explain it with some of these neo-cons who always cry about "hurting the economy" when someone mentions fighting global warming. What's surprising to me, however, is the recent paradigm shift that seems to have taken over ol' Dubya. Someone must have shown him a pop-up book about global warming or something. Not that I think any of his ideas of how to solve the problem are worth the paper their printed on, but at least he's not publicly denying the fact that we are causing climate change anymore. It's a start. Sort of...

Anyway, if you haven't yet seen "An Inconvenient Truth", I implore you to do so. Every human being, and particularly every American (since it seems that this is the only country left on the planet where debate about the issue is still an issue), should see this movie. There is no issue facing humanity that is more pressing, more urgent, and more dire in its global consequences than climate change. If all of us fail to change our lifestyles and the very way we think about ourselves and our place on this world, no act of terrorism could compare with the global catastrophe that we will face. That we are beginning to face today, even.

Want evidence? Visit Alaska. It's ground-zero for the impacts of global warming. Here's an article that was published in "The Independant", a London newspaper, and picked up later by the Associated Press that describes the evidence of climate change you'll see when you go to Alaska (take special note of the quote they've got in the 6th might recognize the name). Still don't believe it? Email me. I'll send you all sorts of pictures and stories of stuff I witnessed myself.

Anyway, Gore's speech to Congress just got me all fired up. Not that I needed an excuse, of course.

Just go watch the movie.


kippur said...

No one can do bush like Will. I love that. And I didnt know you were famous.

Patrick Belardo said...

I watched it last week. I blogged about my minor complaints, but overall it was good. Someone tell Al how to say "Arctic" please.