September 02, 2006

Mentos and a Whale Not So Fresh and Full of Life

Ok, a lot of you have been wondering what's new with that whole dead whale on a cruise ship thing from last week. Most guesses are that it was a fin whale, like this one:

Although it didn't look like that when it came into Seward last week. It looked more like this:

and this:

But there hasn't been any announcement about what actually caused it's death. Sonja knows, but she won't let me tell anyone else without some sort of major bribe. Suffice to say, it wasn't alive when they un-impaled it from the front of the ship.

Finally, I am sending out a challenge to any of you who happen to read this blog. It's a challenge on an old internet fad that I am now just getting around to trying myself. All you need is a packet of Mentos and a 2-Liter bottle of Diet Pepsi. Here are my results:

As you can see, I didn't set the bar very high. So it's in your court now. See if you can get your fountain of carbonated goodness any higher than my pathetic three and a half feet.

1 comment:

Steve Ollig said...

you were supposed to use diet coke Renager Paul. even i know diet coke doesn't have a blue label. heck - those mentos you used were probably even knock-offs.