August 25, 2006

The Glacier and a Whale

Today was a glorious day out at Exit Glacier. After weeks and weeks of rain, we're finally starting to get a smattering of nice days sprinkled into the mix.

I've been a total slacker lately with this thing, but I do have an excuse. In the last month I have almost completed writing my thesis and have applied for jobs at Zion National Park, Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site, Joshua Tree National Park, Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Channel Island National Park, Montezuma's Castle National Monument, and Heifer International.

Haven't heard a damn thing from any of them, yet, though. Patience is a virtue, right? But then, I've also heard that ignorance is bliss. So does that mean that the secret to happiness is becoming someone who is stupid and doesn't mind waiting around?

While you contemplate that, here's a video of Exit Glacier:

And, finally, although the Alaska Sealife Center has not officially released pictures of the whale that was impaled on the cruise ship that came into Seward last weekend, I have decided to include a picture of another whale whose guts Sonja got to play with. This one was a bit smaller, however.

And it's a smiley, happy whale, too.

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