June 22, 2006

Sunset at the Big Ditch

Sunset at the Grand Canyon is quite the social event. Particularly during the week of the annual nerd-gathering that is the Star Party. The overlook I went to was packed with people too lazy to get up at 4:30am to watch a sunrise but who still seek some type of solar event during their vacation. See, I can get away with complaining about all of them being lazy cuz I am planning on getting up at 4:30am tomorrow.

Also, I do think I need to clarify a little something from one of my previous posts. In case anyone was confused, the photo of the condor from a couple days ago was not actually taken by me. I just linked to an already existing image of the bird cuz I thought a picture of one would make that post much more cooler. Anyway, this evening I was actually able to take a photo of a condor that flew over the crowd while we waited for the sun to set:

It's easy to see how people may have gotten confused, though, considering the high quality of both the image I stole and the one I took. So don't feel bad if you were one of those people.

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