June 18, 2006

Little Fuzzy Things

Ok, it's been crazy at work. That's my excuse for not posting much on here over the past couple weeks. Whether you actually believe me or not is up to you, I suppose. Hopefully people will still remember to check in once and a while, cuz, you know, how are you supposed to be able to manipulate people's thoughts if no one reads your blog?

Sonja's had a bit of excitement lately at work. She recently has been able to switch her work week to include Saturdays, when she'll actually be working in the rehab department at the Sealife Center, instead of being stuck playing with sea lion excrement all day in the lab. So this is Capers, a really cute little sea otter pup that was rescued near Homer a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, sea otter pups have a horrible survival rate after being released from rehab, so this little guy will never again experience life in the wild. The good news is that he has found a home at the Minnesota Zoo! They are currently working on a new sea otter exhibit which will feature Capers and several other rescued otter pups. So all of you Minnesotan Olligs will need to take a trip to the zoo sometime this fall/winter (or whenever they plan on opening the exhibit) and say hi to Sonja's little friend.

Sonja brought me in to see him this afternoon and I can attest to just how cute he really is. However, you'd think that something so fuzzy and cute would have a correspondingly cute vocalization. Well, that's not quite the case with sea otters (click on the image for the video):

They also have a few other little (and not so little) fuzzy things in rehab at the Sealife Center, but unfortunately, blogger chose this instant to stop uploading new images, so you're going to have to wait to see them.

I am still searching for gainful employment that doesn't involve living in Seward. A couple of leads so far, but no real bites. I'll keep you all posted here if there are any new developments.

Lastly, I'm heading to the Grand Canyon for eleven days starting tomorrow morning for a park service training at the Horace Albright Training Center. Should be lots of fun, and hopefully it won't be unbearably hot. I'll finally be able to try my hand at spitting an entire mile (cuz you can spit off the edge of the canyon, which is a mile deep...in case you couldn't quite figure that one out).

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