June 23, 2006

Condor #19

One of the condors I saw this morning had a big numbered tag on its wing. In fact, most (if not all) of the wild condors in the US are marked in the same way, many with radio transmitters attached as well. According to the latest census, there are currently 60 wild condors in existence (with several hundred living in various zoos).

Normally, I prefer not to know the "life history" of tagged animals (like the Yellowstone wolves or the orcas of Resurrection Bay), rather simply enjoying the fact that they are mysterious and wild creatures. Most of the time, I think the fanatical mentality that these well-documented animals often provoke in some people only detracts from their wild character and disrespects them somehow. From my observation of some of these sorts of people it seems the driving force behind this fanaticism is an insecurity which requires them to constantly demonstrate to others how much they know about "wolf #179" or orca "AT-3." I'm not saying a little curiosity about an animals history is a bad thing, just that this type of information often leads people in the direction of becoming an annoying wildlife "groupie."

That said, this type of information, particularly when it concerns a critically endangered species, can be very ... um... informational. Fascinating, as well. Anyway, here's the picture of Condor #19.

And here's the site where you can find more information about her.


kippur said...

19's my favorite number. So I guess that is my favorite condor. If someone was to tag me I would hope they would use the number 19.

Did you goto the glass walk way yet?

Anonymous said...


Saw #19 @ the Grand Canyon yesterday- 8.12.06....lazy circles over the South Rim (right over Kolb Studio....couldn't have been more than 30-40 feet above....unbelievable!


Anonymous said...

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