December 10, 2008

A Witness to History

Sonja and I are now faced with a decision. Do we want to be witnesses to history?

Yesterday I got an email from Senator Jon Tester's (D-MT) office. See, the day after the election I had emailed Montana's junior Senator requesting to be placed on a waiting list for inaugural tickets. Well, apparently my timing was perfect.

Because I now have two tickets for President Barack Obama's Inauguration Ceremony.

This may be one of the most historic inaugurations ever. Sure, every Presidential inauguration is historic, but only insofar as the potential each President has to make an impact. But for the first time since George Washington (or perhaps Andrew Jackson, as the first President sworn in at the U.S. Capitol building (pictured above)), the inauguration itself is an unprecedented event that will forever be noted in the history books.

I'm already travelling to the DC area at the end of January for work, and we have a D.C. friend who has offered us their futon if we choose to go. So, really, all we'd have to do is get a plane ticket for Sonja (something I think we will need to do very, very soon if we decide to go). It's definitely not out of the question.

But at the same time, I've already had offers to purchase these tickets from me. I'm still torn about that, since I'm of the mind that an event like this should be accessible to all Americans, not just those with tons of cash. Then again, ol' Dubya has repeatedly asked all of us to be "good capitalists" and spend, spend, spend. Ha...

Seriously, though, if you have any ideas for me please share them. I expect we'll make our decision within the next day or so, but would welcome any advice.


Anonymous said...

You & Sonja better go...or I think you may regert it FOR THE REST PF YOUR LIFE!!!!
:o) Janine

Sandra said...

I have to agree with the first comment. This is truly the chance of a lifetime and you should take advantage if you can. Go and be a part of history and don't even think about how VERY much money you could get :) Hope you have fun and bring back pictures to post.

kippur said...



dAwN said...

no question....U MUST GO...if not I will..tee hee

James said...

If you are considering just giving them away I know my wife really wants to go. I would even take the day off and go with her just so she can be there with her fellow Democrat compatriots, even though you know I voted for the other guy. Hey its been tough the last year living in a politcally split house ha ha! Though I disagree with his politics I would go just because I am proud of the historic nature of his presidency.

quinnie winnie