December 12, 2008

Santa, Baby!

Santa visited our living room this evening to check on our cute little tree while on his way to the park's family Christmas party. Pretty cool that he thought to stop by and say hi, huh?

I heard he was a big hit at the party, too. Although, apparently he has replaced one of his reindeer. During a reading of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas", jolly old St. Nick had a little trouble with the pronunciations. Yep, if you listen carefully you'll notice that one of Santa's regulars has been replaced with a rather spicy second stringer.


kippur said...

I was always partial to reindeer Cumin. Him and Basil are my favorites. They never got to play any reindeer games though. Rudolf got to play plenty, him with his crazy nose and all. Everyone thought he was so cool and retro. Cumin and Basil were the real outcasts, damn Rudolf just stole their story so he could write than stinkin book.

dAwN said... it...Cumin is a great name for a reindeer...