December 06, 2008

It's a Girl!

We have a new addition in our menagerie, a pretty little Peach-faced Lovebird. I never considered owning one of these tiny African parrots, but we couldn't pass up the price (free!). Here she is, waiting for me to bring my finger closer so she can take a chunk out of it (I never knew lovebirds were carnivorous). Luna's already nearly had her nose pierced.

She is, shall we say, a bit feisty? I have a feeling it may take a while before she warms up to us (I'm thinking at least a year). From what I've read, it can be quite a challenge to tame an adult lovebird. It doesn't really matter though. She's already part of the family. We just have one decision left to make, and I thought you all could help out with that one.


Patrick Belardo said...

Cool bird! Our two parakeets haven't warmed up to us yet. I found some info online about hand training them but I haven't devoted time to it. It's still fun just having a bird in the house. I couldn't believe how hard my parakeets bit! Good luck!

dAwN said...

Looks like Jelly will be the love birds name if you go by your poll. congratulations on your new family member.