December 19, 2008

Socializing Corporate Stupidity

Be sure to click on this and read the fine print.

You know, even though politically I tend toward the socialist part of the spectrum (ok, maybe I don't "tend toward" so much as "abide entirely within"), this Big Three bailout just turns my stomach and pisses me off. I can almost understand the necessity of bailing out the banks in order to prevent a complete economic collapse, but something about rescuing Ford, Chrysler and GM from their own moronic policies is absolutely ludicrous.

I mean, it's their OWN DAMN FAULT no one is buying their shitty cars!

Congress balks every single time someone proposes socializing health care (which would actually HELP nearly everyone in this country) but bends over backwards to socialize corporate greed and stupidity. It boggles my mind. Really, it does.


dAwN said...

Well it all gets me furious...and the banks just gave themselves bonuses....i cant believe it...makes me sick..

P. Ollig said...

Yeah, I just wish I knew enough about economics so that I could actually understand what the hell is going on.