February 08, 2008


I finally got around to getting a memory stick for my BirdCam from Wingscapes. Without a stick the cam can only record about five short videos. And that only takes about a half hour. But, with a 2 Gig memory card the BirdCam was able to capture almost 200 videos spanning the entire day today.

I focused it on the suet hanging from our platform feeder to see who would show up. Here's a collection of the best clips from today.

Ten points to anyone who can identify all of the birds in the video. An extra five points for anyone that can ID them to specific forms or subspecies (when applicable). I was really surprised by one of the birds it caught hanging off of the feeder. I totally didn't expect to see one of those doing that. It was very uncharacteristic of the species.

I spent most of the day working out at Tuzigoot National Monument today. That usually means getting a chance to find some birds I don't typically get to see over here on the east end of the Verde Valley. Namely the Verdins.

For some reason the autofocus decided to act all funky on me. So I switched to manual, but trying to find the focus point on a bird that refuses to sit still is a bit of a challenge. Which is why this picture isn't very sharp. Oh well...


Patrick Belardo said...

Very cool. It's basically a western version of what I get here in the east. Was that an Abert's Towhee at around the 2 min. mark?

P. Ollig said...

Yup! That's the one I was surprised about. Who ever heard of a towhee hanging from a suet feeder?!?

Tomorrow I think I'm going to set it up inside Montezuma Well and get some of the waterfowl. I want to try to capture the Sora that's been spotted here, too.