February 04, 2008

Decision Time: VOTE TOMORROW!

If you live in one of the Super Tuesday states, I just have one thing to say to you for tomorrow:


If you're still undecided, you can use the following websites to see where the various candidates stand on issues like health care, immigration, the environment and energy policy. Each of the following sites does a fairly good job of summarizing each candidate's position on an issue, giving you a chance to compare them side by side. Of course, they're all in soundbyte format, so if you're looking for depth you'll have to dig a bit deeper:

Unfortunately, neither of those sites cover another issue that everyone should care about, Nuclear proliferation and missile defense. For that, you'll have to go here:

The Bulletin Online: Candidate Positions on Nuclear Issues

It's too bad the national media is not reporting on the candidate's stands on abolishing Bush's dangerous re-establishment of the Reagan-era missile defense system, not to mention what their plans are for re-committing the U.S. to the dozens of nuclear nonproliferation and test-ban treaties that Bush so blatantly and illegally broke.

I'm actually torn right now with respect to who I will vote for tomorrow. My heart still says Obama, but the deeper I dig on issues like non-proliferation, immigration, energy and education, the more my head tells me I need to vote for Hillary.

One example is the awful "No Child Left Behind" Act. The only candidate who has pledged to abolish this embarassing piece of crap legislation is Hillary. Obama says he'll reform it, which to me isn't good enough. Of course, that's just one issue. And no intelligent, informed person would or should ever base their vote on a single issue.

I still have a lot of research to do tonight, but I don't think I'll make up my mind until I standing in the voting booth tomorrow.

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Sfogarty said...

Just remember, Paul, a vote for Hilary is also a vote for Bill.

Check out this video. Doesn't say much about the issues, but it's very cool!