June 16, 2007

New Iraq Strategy: Arm Our Enemies!

Once again, Jon Stewart demonstrates that he remains the only legitimate journalist in the country. Did any of you hear about this? Apparently, the United States has now decided to arm the Sunni insurgents. According to Jon, "this idea is so crazy it just might...be f---ing crazy!"

I guess we didn't learn from what happened after the last time we tried this.


kippur said...

Oh good, I was just starting to get bored. I was wondering when we might do something stupid again. Anyone have a time machine that can zap us all to November 08??

Janine said...

So... Paul,
Who should we vote for...Hilary,or Obama??? (sp??)

kippur said...

How bout Al?!?!

Hillary makes me nervous.

Patrick Belardo said...

Awesome. Great "Basra Reed Warbler" reference too.