June 04, 2007

104° F

Fahrenheit 104: The temperature at which Olligs melt...

Anyway, it's too bloody hot to post, today. Instead, you can watch these videos from our last winter in Seward playing in the snow.

A boring video of a mid-December blizzard.

Hiking with Sonja, Luna and Harvey on the Grayling Lake Trail north of Seward, Alaska, last Thanksgiving.

I'll post more when it's no longer in the triple digits.


Sarah Renslow said...

OMG I think that is the temature at which the Renslows melt too!!! I mean it is hard for me to stand the heat when it is in the high 80's and 90's. How do you deal with it!!!!!!!!!
Sarah Renslo0w :)

Steve said...

but it's a dry heat.

Sarah said...

What is a dry heat?