June 14, 2007

Grand Opening!

I am happy to announce the grand opening of Ye Olde Wandering Tattler Shoppe, an online store soon to be filled with all sorts of liberal, left-of-center goodness. All proceeds from the sales at this shop go directly to the unofficial Fund for the Elimination of Paul's Debt. A worthy cause if I ever saw one. Over on the right you'll see a new button you can press to access the store. Keep checking back, as new and exciting items will be added whenever the inspiration (and motivation) strikes.

It's hot again. We had a wonderful respite from the triple-digits while Mom was here, but the last two days have been brutal. The forecast was for 105 today. Our outdoor thermometer says 111. Either way, it's damn hot.

1 comment:

kippur said...

I like the T's. I'll get one when we get back from vacation, I dont have time to shop now.

You should make one that says "I went to Paul's blog and all I got was this crummy T Shirt"