March 31, 2009

Days 17-22 of 365

I don't really like doing these multi-day updates, but since I'm still at training and have limited access to the hotel's internet tubes it's just gonna have to be that way. So here are the photos from days 17-22.

Day 17
Raven Over Lake Powell

Day 18
Engine 2

Day 19
Badge of Honor

That's soot on my helmet from my first live fire exercise!

Day 20
Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River

Day 21
Lake Powell's "Wildlife"

Day 22

Today was our "propane tree" exercise. The objectives were to give us experience working with a large, hot propane fire, demonstrate how to envelope a fire within a cone of water, and build confidence in our equipment's ability to protect us. Seeing as how I was able to stand less than 2 feet from that blazing "tree" without much discomfort I think the stuff works. This shot is of one of our instructors observing the exercise.


Mel said...

Wow! Last pic is scary (I'm pyrophobic, can't even light a match!)
I think you'll soon be wearing that helmet and will do a great job ;)
Cheers from Peru!

Anna said...

Your photos are very nice, I really like the first one. Nice blog filled with beautiful photography, you have good eye. Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Paul!
I have semi-hi-speed internet now, and can finally watch your videos. I could feel the heat! Hope you feel better...Mom "A"