July 21, 2008

Fire in the Sky

The monsoon is in full swing now, which means that the evening skies tend to be filled with storm clouds. I glanced outside about an hour ago and everything had a subdued orange tint, not that different than what it was like in Fairbanks when the city was shrouded in wildfire smoke. No wildfires tonight, though. Just a brilliant sunset illuminating the monsoon storms.

And behind our house was this monster cell. Although it looks more menacing than I think it actually is. We only spotted one flash of lightning in the 30 minutes we were outside with the dogs.

My task over the next two weeks is to try to capture some pictures of some of the lightning storms that we get, like this guy did.

I was playing around with the flash on our way back to the house this evening and got this photo of Sonja (the ghostly figure standing to the right of the yield sign) with Harvey and Luna. I thought it was interesting that Harvey's eyes glow orange, while Luna's glow green. Cool, huh?


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! You should have seen the GARGANTUANLY SCAREY storm clouds over our house last Saturday evening!!! It was the 4th tornado warning with sirens this year in Big Lake. This one actually spun a tornado about 1 1/2 miles from our house! We saw the funnel cloud forming over the marsh behind our house!!! I should have grabbed my camera...but with 3 scared & crying little girls to get under the steps with pillows & blankets it's kinda hard to remember to grab the camera!!! Have you started to pack yet???

Steve said...

i like the one with the dog's eyes glowing. put them in brown claoks and they'd pass for Jawas. did you ever get your tuskan raider?