January 30, 2008

Yesterday Morning

I took some me-time yesterday morning and spent an hour on the shore of Montezuma Well with my camera. This is what I saw.

Look closely...


Patrick Belardo said...

Great shots! Is there something we're looking for in the last set of pics? Is their a different bird in there with the Wigeons?

Steve said...

I like. On the first one (takeoff) - is it just out of focus or did you need a faster stop? looks to me like it just needed better focus.

I'm finding it tough to do much photography here in the winter. Not that much of an indoor photographer i guess. That, and not into it enough to suffer in the cold.

P. Ollig said...

Actually, Patrick, I was referring to the shot directly above that comment. You can actually see the Bufflehead's head under the water.

And that first one needed both a faster shutter speed (I think I was at 1/400...should have been closer to twice that for how fast the Buffleheads flap their wings) and better focus. I had it on one-stop focus, rather than constant focus, since the latter tends to frustrate me to no end.

Janine said...

My favorite is the 2 ducks butts!! Must have been some good eats down there.
Steve-- take more pics of the KIDS since you don't like being cold. I love seeing what there up to!