January 24, 2008

935 Lies

**WARNING** Political Rant Ahead **WARNING**

Here are some highlights from this recent CNN article which details just how many times the Bush Administration lied to us about Iraq in the two years prior to the U.S. invasion:
  • Bush lied 232 times about Iraq and Saddam Hussein's possessing weapons of mass destruction (these supposed weapons never existed);
  • Bush lied 28 times about supposed links between Iraq and Al Qaeda (there were no links);
  • Colin Powell lied 244 times about WMDs and 10 times about Iraq and Al Qaeda;
  • Donald Rumsfeld and Ari Fleischer each lied 109 times;
  • Condeleeza Rice lied 56 times;
  • and Dick Cheney got away with a scant 48 falsehoods.
So, Bush lies 260 times and he gets a war that kills over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqis. Clinton lies once about screwing an intern and he gets impeached. Where's the justice in that?!?

But you know who is really to blame for this unholy war that has cost us almost half a trillion dollars? All the so-called journalists whose job it is to question, investigate and report the TRUTH! Of course, the fact that so many Americans bought these lies hook, line and sinker didn't help much, either. But the media is to blame for that, too. Sure, we should be able to trust the President to be open and honest with us regarding such monumental decisions like whether or not to invade another country. It's unfortunate that the vast majority of Americans forgot that the measure of a true patriot is not how many flags and ribbons you can adorn your cars with, but your willingness to question the decisions your government makes and demand accountability and honesty of our elected officials.

Thankfully, we've all learned our lesson. We'll never let the President and his lapdog "journalists" (ie, Fox News) lead us into another war, right? RIGHT???

We can't be stupid enough to fall for the same shit all over again . . . or can we?

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