January 17, 2008

iPod meme

I figure since I still can't seem to kick this whole blogger's block thing, I'll just keep forcing myself to participate in random memes that I find on some of my favorite blogs. I stole this idea from Patrick, who in turn had stolen it from a blogger friend of his named Laura. Anyway, you're supposed to take your iPod (or MP3 player, or the folder containing all of your ripped music on your computer), set it to random and write down the first 20 songs that pop up. Here's my list...

1. Strange Fire -- The Indigo Girls
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow -- Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
3. Stewball Was a Racehorse -- Peter, Paul and Mary
4. Once in a Blue Moon -- Nancy Griffith
5. Red Dirt Girl -- Emmy Lou Harris
6. Not Ready to Make Nice -- The Dixie Chicks
7. Edmund Fitzgerald -- Gordon Lightfoot
8. Is There Anybody Here? -- Phil Ochs (here's a great cover of this fantastic song)
9. The Anvil of Crom -- Conan the Barbarian Soundtrack
10. Falling Slowly -- "Once" soundtrack (Beautiful song from an incredible, and simple, movie)
11. The Long Way Around -- The Dixie Chicks
12. Don't Panic -- Cold Play, from the "Garden State" Soundtrack
13. Telluride -- Kate Wolf
14. Zombie -- Cranberries
15. Love and Some Verses -- Iron & Wine
16. Hands -- Jewel
17. Poems, Prayers and Promises -- John Denver
18. Roxanne -- The Police
19. Fishing in Heaven -- John Prine
20. Either Way -- Guster

Not too surprising what popped up. Mostly singer-songwriter folksie stuff. Although I would have expected at least one cheesy 80's power ballad or love song in there. Funny how the track from the Conan movie sort of sticks out in the mix, huh? As bizarre as this might sound, the music from that classic Arnie movie is fantastic. James Horner, the guy who wrote the music to "Glory", composed it.

I think this list simply confirms that I am, and always shall be, a SNAG.


Amanda said...

You listen to John Prine? That's awesome...I just started listening to him about a year ago. He has some great songs.

Patrick Belardo said...

I definitely ventured into SNAG territory on mine too. I'll need to check out the Conan soundtrack. Another cool movie soundtrack is "The Abyss" by Alan Silvestri. And if you like African music, the soundtrack to "The Power of One" is really amazing.

Karen! said...

I want that quail. I'm very, very jealous.

PS. I'm wearing my uni to school next week to talk to a hs enviro sci class about conservation vs preservation.