October 05, 2007

Cartoon Villains in the White House

Funny, this is only the fourth veto of Bush's Presidency. Considering how selective he is with that veto pen, you'd think that it would have to be for something pretty unreasonable and expensive, like some major pork barrel project, for him to take the effort to actually do his job and try to reduce unnecessary government spending.

So, what project could be so wasteful and harmful to America that Bush would break his "In Case of Veto" glass and whip out the veto pen? I'm sure you've already heard this, but he just vetoed increasing health care for poor kids. Yep, for some reason he thinks a plan that would increase the per-pack tax on cigarettes by 64 cents to pay for health care for an addition 2-4 million kids is worthy of a veto.

But let's here what Jon Stewart has to say about it.

And I remember back in 2000 trying to convince myself that the election results weren't THAT bad by saying something like, "How much harm can one President really do?"

Can I be done with this President, Mommy?

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