July 30, 2007

Simpsonize Me!

It's official. I have been Simpsonized. The process is surprisingly painless, and only takes a couple moments. In no time, you are discovering your inner Simpson. Anyway, it's a pretty cool site. And just in time for the new movie. Many of the reviews I've read say it's like a good, extra-long episode. Which is about as much as I assumed it would be. Most people seem pretty pleased with the movie, so we'll probably go see it. I just can't get that excited about it. I mean, I watched the show religiously back in the 90's, but have almost forgotten it's still on. I think I lost interest around the time of the "Who shot Mr. Burns?" broo-ha-ha.

I Simpsonized Sonja, too. And I must say she looks better than I do as a Simpsons character. Anyway, I probably won't be updating my blog much more until next week. We're headed to Minnesota for a family reunion-type thing. We'll be camping at Lake Carlos State Park, the site of many family campouts, not to mention the first place I was allowed to spend a night with a friend totally unsupervised. I am determined to get up on one ski for the first time this week as we buzz around the lakes. So, that means look for some fun photos from the Land of 10,000 Lakes sometime early next week.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a couple more Simpsonized pictures. The site lets you place your Simpsons Self in various settings. Here's what I chose for the two of us.

I chose the domestic scene for Sonja cuz I didn't think she'd fit in very well in a nuculer power plant. Although, I suppose putting her in front of the school would have been appropriate now that she's enrolled in NAU's graduate school.

I could have chosen a couple better scenes to place myself than Krustylu Studios...like Comicbook Guy's store, or something equally geeky. But they didn't have that option.


kippur said...

I tried this last week but didn't have much luck

Janine Renslow said...

Cute Paul!
have a fun plane ride & we will see ya at Carlos! The slolum SP??!! ski & the pair of skis are packed in the boat. If i & Curt remember right...the last time we tried to get you up on 1 ski we didn't have too much luck...maybe yopu can drive the boat so Curt the 41 year old man can show ya how it is done!!! We are headed up this afternoon , a few days early...SEE YA THERE on THURSDAY!:o)!

Patrick Belardo said...

Awesome. I simpsonized myself yesterday, but it doesn't really look like me. BTW, I thought you'd like this Onion article: