July 27, 2007

Aren't Deserts Usually Dry?

I guess this one isn't. At least not during the monsoon season. It's pretty crazy just how wet it's been lately. This afternoon we had a helluva thunderstorm which dumped a butt-load of rain over only about an hours time. 45 minutes later we get a call from the National Weather Service asking to keep an eye on Beaver Creek, since it had just crested at Montezuma Well and they wanted us to let them know when it crested at the Castle.

Another 45 minutes later, the creek suddenly transforms from a tiny little bubbling brook into what you see below over a span of approximately five minutes.

I'm kinda liking this whole monsoon thing. I've been pretty amazed at how regular the cycle is once it sinks into the area. Clear skies in the morning, but by 2pm the thunder starts to roll. Then by 8 in the evening it clears back up. It's done that practically every day for the last two weeks now. And after nearly 30 days of high temps over 100 degrees, we've finally gotten a break. Haven't hit triple digits now for six days. I'm liking this late summer desert climate!

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kippur said...

At's a good one. We get flash flooding like that in Kansas quite a bit too. It's crazy, after every big rain there is always one or two goofballs that get swept away or trapped in their car in the flood. You should try out your kayak on that thing.