May 14, 2007

Here's a Llama, There's a Llama

Because my creative juices have seemed to dry up lately (must be the 101 degree temps), I'm going to let Sonja tell you her llama story from a few days ago in her own words. However, I still reserve the right to elaborate on her writing by adding assorted links throughout her post. Anyway, here's Sonja:

So, I got to go shear a llama. Wait, I didn't actually get to shear a llama. I didn't even get to hold the scissors. Oh, wait...I held them for like ten seconds. So, I guess I watched a llama get sheared. But I held the llama! Or restrained. Whatever you wanna call it.

Here's a picture of a llama.

Here's a picture of an alpaca!

Here's the llama we sheared. Fuzzy. His name was Mochaccino.

This was us blowing all the dirt and crud off of his wool before we sheared it. We got really dusty.

This is Nancy, the llama-lady, shearing!

Me and Mochaccino! As you can see by his perterbedness, he's not all that cuddly.

This is not a llama. It is a really, really cute sheep! I can't wait till we can have some of our own.


Janine said...

You two find the most UNIQUE jobs where ever you go!! CAN'T WAIT to see ya in August @ the Carlos Camp out!!

sarah renslow said...

nice labmla song

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine restraining a llama. Do they bite?