January 20, 2009

Two Minutes that Changed the World

I am completely and utterly exhausted right now, but wanted to make this post to commemorate this amazing and awesome day. Standing in a crowd of somewhere between 1 and 2 million people, I was witness to one of the most inspiring events of my life. And there was one particular moment in today's celebration that was particularly moving. It was the moment that Barack Obama became our 44th President.

The reaction of the crowd surrounding me was at least as inspiring as the event itself and is something I'll never forget.

There's so much to talk about and share regarding this incredible experience I had that I want to dedicate several posts to it. But not tonight. Instead, I plan to shortly collapse into the bed in my friend's basement here in Silver Spring, MD, and not move again until sometime around dinner tomorrow night.

Before I end this post, however, I wanted to share an image my brother showed me and I improved upon. This is a satellite image of the area directly in front of the Capitol during President Obama's Inauguration. In case you find it difficult to recognize me, I added an arrow. You might need to click on the image to actually see the arrow (and me).

A cool click and zoom version of this that lets you explore the entire National Mall image can be found here.


dAwN said...

How wonderful it must have been to be there in person! What an exciting day..great memories for us all~

T.R. said...

FANTASTIC! I hope you blog about it. I was stuck in a car all day. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sonja & I were on the phone together looking for you...no such luck tho'!! It sure was COOL to see you on MSNBC yesterday, though!! Thanx for the call to let us know you were by a TV camera!!! The girls got a BIG THRILL seeing their Uncle Paul on TV! WOW ~~~ I have seen 2 of my brothers on national TV in the past month...NEATO!! Okay now Chris & Steve, what do you plan to do so I can see the two of you on TV next??? :o) Janine

kippur said...

I hope that means you brought your camera! I want to see some good pictures. hat must have been amazing. I know it was just sitting and watching it on tv in kansas so i can't imagine.

Now I need to get to work on plan "get on national tv". hmmm.

Patrick Belardo said...

I think I had the same view from NJ... lol... It must have been fantastic to be there. My standard question for any event like this: Where do you pee?