January 23, 2009

It's Always Bunny in Philadelphia

Ok, I got a little distracted these past couple of days, which is why I haven't done anymore inauguration posts. But I'll get to them eventually. Right now, however, I'm in Philadelphia visiting some friends from a website I've been frequenting for almost ten years (it's not as weird as it sounds. Honest! I already met them once last year).

We spent the day seeing the sights in the City of Brotherly Love, but instead of posting a bunch of pictures of me standing next to the Liberty Bell or the Rocky statue I thought I'd share our adventure as experienced by Androgy-Bunny, our little mascot given to us by another friend from the aforementioned site.

The day started with a long drive into town. Rabbit was intially frustrated by the traffic we encountered, but he/she took it in stride.

Before long we were running up the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

And, of course, we spent a few minutes hangin' with the champ himself. We had another "magical" moment at the top of the Rocky steps, but I'll save that part for later...

Needless to say, all that exercise made us hungry, so we all headed over to the world-famous "Geno's".

...and pigged out on some authentic Philly cheese steaks (prov, without).

Our next stop was to Independence National Historic Site. Rabbit wouldn't agree to this picture unless the ranger wore his flat hat.

The Liberty Bell was cool, as was Independence Hall. Too bad the ranger program we saw was decidedly not.

We also met some interesting people on the street.

And explored some of Philly's trendier streets.

After a while, we opted to take a little break...

...and enjoyed some suds in an Irish pub. But the highlight of the entire day occured at the top of the Rocky steps. No one could have imagined who would appear to share in our little Philly adventure...

And just for the record, this picture was Conan's idea. He took one look at Rabbit and immediately felt the sort of connection only another metrosexual with sad, yet slightly creepy eyes could appreciate.


Anonymous said...

THAT was a COOL BLOG!!! I loved it!! I knew @ the beginning you would have a picture of Conan O'Brian! Didn't think he would actually be HOLDING the bunny & POSE with it for you!! That was AWESOME!!! Did you ask him to do that or did he offer?? Did you get a photo of YOU with him too? AND a few autographs??? That "bunny" you had kinda reminds me of a "roger rabbit" stuffed animal Curt & I had in the window of our first car...the little blue pontiac lemans we drove to El Paso! Is Bob a Dungeons & Dragons guy too? Must be from the collection of swords & knives I saw on his Blog!!! Tell him "HI" again for me! Keep having a FUN time!!! Take some cool pics at the NASA workshop too! No going up in the space shuttle though~~~ I will worry too much about you!
Hugs, Luv Ya!!! :o) Janine

Mel said...

I want to hang out with that cool bunny!