October 19, 2008

A Montana Morning

Sonja and I took advantage of the beautiful Montana autumn morning to take the dogs for a walk through the neighborhood and down to the Middle Fork of the Flathead River (which forms the boundary of the park). Lots of fun was had by all...

Both the larch and the birch were resplendent in their autumn hues.

We found the schoolyard at West Glacier Elementary to be pleasantly unoccupied. Translation? Playtime!

Two very different styles of frisbee catching. Luna keeps her eyes on the prize while Harvey barrels down the field full-steam, trusting that the frisbee will find its way into his mouth.

This is our new house, although we haven't been able to move in, yet. Next month it'll be ours.

A final thank you kiss from Luna makes it a perfect walk for a perfect morning.


Steve said...

i like the 2nd one.

Anonymous said...

FUN!!! Cool house ! GREAT PICS!!
Can'twait till we can come for another visit!!!
MISS YOU BOTH!!! Love you!!

T.R. said...

Those scenic pics look other worldly beautiful. I might now start to see why you are not missing the desert. I am in Siberia and just missed the larch turning - only a few golden needles left. I had no idea what I missed until just now.