January 21, 2007

All Sorts of New Things

So living in Arizona is pretty darn cool, so far. Although, it is still weird to think that we're living here. It's just so different from what we're used to. For instance, we never had any of these in our yard in Alaska:
This was the view out our bedroom window this morning. That block of birdseed was supposed to be for the covey of Gambel's Quail we've got living behind our fence in the backyard. But it seems to be good for attracting javelinas, too. You can hear Luna's reaction to her first javelina sighting in the background.

We also never had views like this in Alaska.

Sonja and her folks have been doing a good bit of hiking while I've had to work. As you can see, the weather has certainly cooperated. Figures that we'd move to Arizona at the same time they're hit with three winter storms in a row. At least it makes for cool pictures.

Sonja's folks have been having a good time, too. Although, I think they were expecting warmer temps. It's been really nice having them here. It makes unpacking much more enjoyable when you've got more hands to help. I have a feeling that we'll be having lots of visitors coming to see us in the near future...at least more than we had while in Alaska. Another perk of moving back to the Lower 48.

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Sarah Renslow said...

Hi Paul,
Nice place you got there! So in the clip it says they have tusks well then were are they in the first picture and where are they in th clip? Are they there or is it just me? Well have fun down there!!! We are planning to come see you in the future too. I think it will be the cooliest!!! Cause we have not seen you guys in like forever!!!

Love Ya Guys,
Sarah (SaSa as my friends call me)