July 30, 2009

Taking More Gooder Pictures

Last weekend I got to go to Seattle to take an "advanced" digital photography class taught by a professional wildlife and travel photographer. Wolfgang Kaehler has worked for National Geographic and Life magazines and has made a successful career out taking pictures. Taking very GOOD pictures.

So, I went to his studio, joined three others hoping to learn how to improve their picture-taking skills, and learned a lot. We spent about four hours roaming around Pike's Market with Wolfgang, taking hundreds of pictures and challenging ourselves to think more about exposure, composition and lighting. Here are the best of my attempts.


Steve said...

Don't they look so much nicer on blogger than facebook?

T.R. said...

What a small world! First of all - FANTASTIC PICTURES!!!

I have traveled all over the world with Wolfgang - but not as photographer or student. We were just in Siberia and Albania last October! What a small world that you would be in his class! He sends me notes on his classes from time to time - and I almost took this one - but I couldn't - as I had work in Seattle, oddly, that week. I almost met you accidentally!

dAwN said...

Its been a while..been busy summer and I havent visited here..
Great shots! really very very nice..