April 16, 2009

Days 35 and 36 of 365

Day 35

There's nothing like spending an evening enjoying an episode of Battlestar Galactica with a cool Mexican Coca-Cola in your hand!

Day 36

Spring is finally here! At least on our front steps, anyway. I actually heard my first warbler yesterday and saw my first swallows of the season flying around our house this morning. Sonja just started her surveys going up the Sun Road, but they've only plowed the first 20 miles so far. It'll be a while before she can get up near Logan Pass. Probably at least another month and a half.


Mel said...

It's good to know that Spring arrived over there!
We are suppose to be in Auntum, but this weekend we have very Summer-like temperatures... weather is crazy!

Robby said...

I write a blog: http://www.snakeadventures.blogspot.com/ and I am interested in a link exchange. Will you let me know what you think?